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Precision Medicine and Personalized Health – New Dimensions

The Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS) organised the 2016 spring conference of the Federation of European Academies of Medicine (FEAM). Leading experts reported on progress in the areas of personalised medicine and health and the big data and omics movements.


The ethical and social components of these developments and the patient’s view played an important role in the podium discussion. The programme and presentations are available in English.



Programme, report and presentations

Programme including abstracts and CVs


Report of the FEAM Spring Conference 2016


Dr Elmar Nimmesgern Deputy Head of Unit, DG Research & Innovation E2 Innovative and Personalised Medicine, European Commission

Connecting Europe for Genomic Health


Professor Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen Center for eHealth & Wellbeing Research, University of Twente (NL)

Big Data & Big Health: Personalized Medicine as a Paradigm Shift


Professor Manolis Dermitzakis Department of Genetic Medicine and Development, University of Geneva (CH)

The 1000 Genomes and Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Projects: New Results and Challenges


Professor Andres Metspalu Estonian Genome Center, University of Tartu (EST)

From Biobanking to Precision Medicine


Professor Hilary Burton Director PHG Foundation, Cambridge (UK)

Genomics-based Personalized Prevention


Professor Michael Neumaier Institute of Clinical Chemistry, University Heidelberg, Mannheim (D)

New Diagnostics in Personalized Cancer Medicine


Professor Oscar Yanes CIBERDEM & Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona (E)

Metabolomics and Personalized Medicine


Professor Effy Vayena Health Ethics and Policy Lab, University of Zurich (CH)

The Ethics of Personalized Medicine


Professor Jens Nielsen Department of Biology and Biological Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg (S)

Assessing the Human Gut Microbiota in Metabolic Diseases


Professor Dipak Kalra The EuroRec Institute, London (UK)

The Increasing Opportunities for using Health Data as a Tool for Clinical Research





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