Position papers

The SAMS sees itself as a think tank. Its position papers encourage public debate about key issues and allow it to express its own views clearly.

Perceived as a reliable actor in the health system, the SAMS is a popular port of call in consultations. In its statements, it expresses its views on specific issues at the invitation of the Swiss Government or other stakeholders.


The position papers can be downloaded below, while a large number of statements are available in German or French.




Promotion of health services respecting planetary boundaries (2022)



Position paper in French and German

White Paper Clinical Research (2021)

Sustainable development of the health system (2019)

Culture of research and support for young scientists in medicine

Promoting open access to research results (2014)

The potential and limits of personalized medicine (2012)

Sustainable medicine (2012)

Medicine as a science (2009)


Additional position papers are available in German and French.







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