Théodore Ott Prize

The Théodore Ott Prize, founded in accordance with the will of the physician Théodore Ott (1909 – 1991), Professor of Neurology in Lausanne, is awarded every five years since 1997 to scientists for their outstanding work in basic research in neurology.

Eligible for the Prize are well-established researchers or research groups with remarkable scientific achievements, international recognition and a proven track record in the field of basic research in neurology. The awarded research must be of excellent quality, original, innovative and topical. According to the founders’ will, preference is given to Swiss researchers and research groups or to researchers having been working in Swiss institutions of higher education for a significant amount of time.


The Théodore Ott-Prize is awarded once every five years with a prize sum of CHF 50'000.– for a single laureate or CHF 30’000.– each if two laureates are distinguished simultaneously.


Applications, written in English, may be submitted by a third person or by an academic institution. All applications must be registered online.


The next call for applications is planned in 2026.



Théodore Ott Prize laureate 2022

The Théodore Ott Prize 2022 has been awarded to Prof. Burkhard Becher of the University of Zurich. More information in the media release of 13 January 2022.






Dr. Myriam Tapernoux
Head of Department