To pursue its projects, the SAMS maintains an extensive network at the interface between health, research and policymaking, both in Switzerland and abroad. The quality of its work depends on the strength of this network, and on the voluntary commitment of the members invited to sit on the various SAMS committees.

Members of the Executive Board, the Senate, the General Secretariat or other delegated individuals represent the SAMS on a number of external bodies, such as the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences, federal committees, health system institutions and international bodies. This representation enables the SAMS to have its voice heard and to strengthen its institutional profile.


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Role as an incubator

The federal authorities periodically request the SAMS to establish national coordination bodies, which subsequently – after a number of years – become independent. This has been the case for the SCTO (project completed) and SPHN (project ongoing).






The SAMS is a founding member of several associations, which enable it to join forces with other institutions to promote the causes to which it is committed.


kosek – rare diseases


Patient safety


smarter medicine


Swiss Medical Board​​​​​​​



Federation of European Academies of Medicine

As a member of the Federation of European Academies of Medicine (FEAM), the SAMS is also committed to international activities. FEAM’s mission is to promote cooperation between national Academies of Medicine and Medical Sections of Academies of Sciences in Europe; to provide them with a platform to formulate their collective voice on matters concerning human and animal medicine, biomedical research, education, and health with a European dimension; and to extend to the European authorities the advisory role that they exercise in their own countries on those matters.


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Jointly organized events


Together with FEAM,  the SAMS held two international events on the topic of Precision Medicine and Personalized Health.


FEAM Conference 2018
FEAM Conference 2016



FEAM publications supported by the SAMS (since 2021)


FEAM Report on scientific and social strategies for immunisation for old adults in Europe, 10 March 2022



Joint report of FEAM and ALLEA on health inequalities, 15 November 2021



FEAM statement on shortages of medicines, 9 September 2021



Joint report of FEAM and the Wellcome Trust on how the EU should prepare and respond to future cross border health threats, 19 May 2021



Commentary of FEAM and EASAC on health sector decarbonisation, 20 April 2021



Joint report of FEAM with ALLEA and EASAC on international health data transfer for research, 8 April 2021






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