Workshop «Big data in the healthcare system» (2016)

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In the «Big data in the healthcare system: unlocking the potential» workshop held on 3 March 2016, experts from politics and science exchanged their thoughts on the current state, chances and challenges of big data in the healthcare system.

How far have the cantons of Zurich and Geneva come with regard to the electronic patient record? What can Switzerland learn from the Danish healthcare system, where a health data network has been implemented top-down across the country? How can we best use the data and what are the relevant ethical questions? The presentations below provide insight into the various topics.



Programme and presentations

Some of the documents below are available only in German.


Programme for the workshop of 3 March 2016

Professor Dr. Peter Meier-Abt, Präsident SAMW
Transforming Healthcare through Big Data


Hans Erik Henriksen, CEO HealthCare Denmark
Big Data in the Health System – the Danish Experience


Dr. Thomas Heiniger, Regierungsrat, Gesundheitsdirektion Kanton Zürich
Big Data in der Schweizer Gesundheitsversorgung – Das Beispiel Zürich

Adrien Bron, Directeur général de la santé, Genève
L’exemple de Genève –


Dr. Peter Grolimund, Senior Industry Consultant Life-Science, Teradata AG
Big Data: Big Health? Realität und Zukunftsvisionen von Big Data im Gesundheitssystem

Professor Mike Martin, University of Zurich
Combination of big data and small data: about the systematic measurement of real-life health outcomes (not made public owing to unpublished data)


Professor Dr. Effy Vayena, Uni Zürich
Ethical, legal and societal challenges of Big Data



White paper «Big data in the healthcare system»

The Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences held an interdisciplinary workshop on the topic of «Big data in the healthcare system» in 2014. An expert group summarised the results of the workshop in a white paper which was published in the Swiss Academies Communications series.


White paper «Big data in the healthcare system», 2015 (in German with an English summary)





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